Our Campus, Our World (OCOW) is a semi-annual talk series designed to connect staff to the groundbreaking teaching and research conducted across the FAS. Launched by the Administrative Deans in the Arts & Humanities, Science, and Social Science Divisions in 2013, it expanded to include SEAS with the fifth installment in 2015.

Each event is organized around a different theme, addressed from diverse disciplinary perspectives by faculty across the FAS. These talks are for the educated lay audience (you don't have to have any expertise in the relevant fields to enjoy and learn from them).

All 2500+ FAS staff are invited!

For more information contact Jennifer Shephard (jmsheph@fas.harvard.edu, 617.495.7906)

Prior Events

Poster for Our Campus, Our World on Disaster 7

OCOW4 poster ('Visualization' with Robert A. Lue, Peter Der Manuelian, Jennifer L. Roberts. 7 May 2015.)

OCOW6r poster (OCOW on Elections w/ Gina Schouten, Eric Beerbohm, Jill Abramson. 6 Oct 2016.)

OCOW3 poster ('Empires' with Maya Jasanoff and Michael Puett. 18 Feb 2015.)

OCOW2 poster ('Ethics, Biotechnology, & the Future of Human Nature' with Michael J. Sandel & Douglas A. Melton. 19 Nov 2013.)

OCOW5 poster ('What We Talk About When We Talk About Food' w/ Janet Beizer, Michael Brenner, Joyce E. Chaplin, Richard Wrangham. 3 Dec 2015.)

OCOW1 poster ('Preparing for Climate Change' with Daniel Schrag, Stephen Ansolabehere, and Robin Kelsey. 4 June 2013.)